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Mobile Design

We offer the below Mobile Design Services

User experience is about more than just how easy the application is to use and how nice it looks. UX spans the range of visual design, content, interaction design, navigation, features and context to deliver a satisfying interaction and transaction experience for the user. We offer mobile UX design, Product UX design for startups and more, while ensuring that the end user enjoys a great value-added experience.

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Assess Enterprise Mobile Maturity & help in finding (then achieving) strategic Mobility needs of the organization at all levels

First, we categorize the enterprise into Void, Exploratory, Intermediate OR Expert Areas depending upon the current state of mobility in the enterprise. Thereafter, we help in their transformation toward creating "Mobile First" organization - with step-by-step approach.

User Experience

Building a mobile app is more than just creating the tool; Here, maximum emphasis is on user experience.

Nearly 40% of users will abandon an app if the experience is slow or cumbersome and 66% would rather read something beautifully designed. Companies simply can’t afford to miss on user experience, expectations are very high in this digital era and competitors are pushing to get it right.

Mobile UX

Designing pleasurable Mobile UX experiences for people A great mobile UX is the key to your customer’s heart. We define and design mobile UX strategies that create excellent B2B and B2C functional enterprise mobile apps, which fall in the category of generation next app experiences.

Here first, we analyze your existing product, identify usability / accessibility compliance issues, find out challenges & gaps in current UI / UX. Then create new UI / UX design as per assessment report created & current trends, do usability testing & refine it further based on feedback from testing team.

Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing is one of the most critical aspects in the development process, which ensures applications perform consistently, across the plethora of mobile devices, platforms, and networks.

We thoroughly test mobile applications in more than 100+ devices across various platforms using best processes / practices & various automation tools to ensure seamless and error free performance.